Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Party like it is 1999

I haven't posted lately and I would like to say it is because I am extremely busy with work, my social life or finding a cure for cancer while learning another language but that is just a big, fat, huge lie. The cold, hard fact of reality - I am just boring.

I have no kids to brag about (though I think my blog would be more about making fun of them), I am not a world traveler (an Americanized resort in Cancun does not count), I have not hand any 'aw ha' moments (though I try to get in as much Oprah as possible) and frankly nothing funny and/or embarrassing has happened lately. (I should thank my lucky stars).

So, I am lame. Noted. But, I guess I can post some pictures of a super fun birthday party I threw for my husband's 28th last Friday. Yup, I like them young. It was a 'college themed' party complete with trashcan punch, jello shots. and drinking games. We also had a make your own tee-shirt contest. My personal favorite was Aly's which read, "Also available in sober". Unfortunately, I don't think she was sober when she made the shirt because a few of the letters were inverted which in my onion added to the effect.

I think everyone had a great time and in partook in the college theme by consuming mass amounts of alcohol. Way to go kids! We partied like it was 1999 because people were still drinking at our place at 5:30 am… ummmm, yeah. ROCK STARS!

Just a note on what a cool, awesome wife I am – the night before I was in Austin for work. I met friends on 6th street and tried to do a 'warm up' college night and ended up closing the bars down at 2 am then devouring 6th street pizza. Needless to say, the plane ride back to Big D, the party set up and the beginning of the party were not all that fabulous for me. However, I sucked it up and was a trooper. By my 3rd drink I was thoroughly enjoying myself. By my 4th I found my buzz groove. By my 5th I was on my way to being smashed potatoes and came to the drunken realization - I have had A LOT of practice drinking and I am very blessed with great drinking genes – thanks Mom and Dad! Here are the pics – enjoy!

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